Family tree of Antonina SCUDERI:
CAROLLO ancestors

TWISTED ROOTS: from the same forefather CAROLLO to SCUDERI, BRUNO and FONTE line


Antonina SCUDERI's direct ancestors from Antonino CAROLLO


date of marriage

from Antonino CAROLLO

level of relationship
~ 1640 Erice?
Source (D)
Antonino CAROLLO @ Giovanna X 9th (BRUNO line)
9th (SCUDERI line)
8th (FONTE line)

lineage BRUNO

1665 Erice
Source (D)
Domenico CAROLLO
(son of Antonino CAROLLO & Giovanna X)
@ Antonia CHIAZZA
8th (BRUNO line) Great-Grandparents
1702 Erice
Source (D)
Andrea CAROLLO @ Maria MAURICI 7th (BRUNO line) Great-Grandparents
1740 Erice
Source (D)
Giuseppe CAROLLO @ Giovanna SUCAMELE 6th (BRUNO line) Great-Grandparents
1770 Erice
Source (D)
Nicolo' CAROLLO @ Caterina COPPOLA 5th (BRUNO line) Great-Grandparents
1803 Erice
Source (D)
Antonino CAROLLO @ Caterina GAMMICCHIA 4th (BRUNO line) Great-Grandparents
1828 Erice
Source (D), (M)
Paola CAROLLO @ Pietro RIZZO 3rd(BRUNO line) Great-Grandparents
1852 Erice
Source (D), (M)
Antonino RIZZO @ Anna GRIMALDI 2nd (BRUNO line) Great-Grandparents
1894 Erice
Source (D), (M), (P)
Maria RIZZO @ Pietro BRUNO BRUNO Great-Grandparents
1923 Erice
Source (P)
Giuseppe BRUNO @ Giuseppa FONTE BRUNO Grandfather

lineage SCUDERI

1666 Erice
Source (D)
(daughter of Antonino CAROLLO & Giovanna X)
8th (SCUDERI line) Great-Grandparents
1699 Erice
Source (D)
Nicolo' PANFALONE @ Francesca MINAUDO 7th (SCUDERI line) Great-Grandparents
1737 Erice
Source (D)
Giuseppe PANFALONE @ Caterina FLORENO 6th (SCUDERI line) Great-Grandparents
1781 Erice
Source (D)
Maria PANFALONE @ Nicolo' ADRAGNA 5th (SCUDERI line) Great-Grandparents
1810 Erice
Source (D)
Alberto ADRAGNA @ Giovanna BADALUCCO 4th (SCUDERI line) Great-Grandparents
1834 Erice
Source (D), (M)
Maria Stella ADRAGNA @ Gaspare LOMBARDO 3rd (SCUDERI line) Great-Grandparents
1863 Erice
Source (D), (M)
Anna LOMBARDO @ Giuseppe MINAUDO 2nd (SCUDERI line) Great-Grandparents
1884 Erice
Source (D), (M), (P)
Giuseppa MINAUDO @ Francesco SCUDERI SCUDERI Great-Grandparents
1913 Erice
Source (P)
Antonina SCUDERI @ Alberto SCUDERI SCUDERI Grandmother

lineage FONTE

1684 Erice
Source (D)
(son of Antonino CAROLLO & Giovanna X)
2nd marriage @ Petronilla ADAMO
7th (FONTE line) Great-Grandparents
1713 Erice
Source (D)
Pietro CAROLLO @ Francesca GAMMINA 6th (FONTE line) Great-Grandparents
1747 Erice
Source (D)
Antonia CAROLLO @ Antonino MUSTAZZO 5th (FONTE line) Great-Grandparents
1787 Erice
Source (D)
Pietro MUSTAZZO 2nd marriage
4th (FONTE line) Great-Grandparents
1808 Erice
Source (D)
Giuseppa MUSTAZZO @ Giuseppe FONTE 3rd FONTE Great-Grandparents
1852 Erice
Source (D), (M)
Antonino FONTE @ Angela BADALUCCO 2nd FONTE Great-Grandparents
1885 Erice
Source (D), (M), (P)
Filippo FONTE @ Carmela MESSINA FONTE Great-Grandparents
1923 Erice
Source (P)
Giuseppa FONTE @ Giuseppe BRUNO FONTE Grandmother



Source (D): database of Monte S. Giuliano marriages, at the Library of Buseto: Via Pietro Randazzo n. 100, Buseto (TP), Italy
Source (M): microfilms and collections at the LDS Library: 15 East North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84150, USA

Source (P): private collection of the SCUDERI family