Bessie EDMONDSON, 18901966 (aged 76 years)

August 17, 1890 29 29 (aged 1 month)
1891 (aged 0)
Birth of a brother
Baptism of a brother
Birth of a sister
Baptism of a sister
1901 (aged 10 years)
Family Photo
1911 (aged 20 years)
Birth of a daughter
Baptism of a daughter
Birth of a son
1921 (aged 30 years)
Family Photo
1939 (aged 48 years)
Death of a father
Death of a mother
Family Photo
October 21, 1966 (3 days after death)
Family with parents
Birth: May 17, 1861 37 34 Garsdale, Yorkshire
Death: February 11, 1943Derby
Birth: December 26, 1860 32 36 Knowle, Bristol
Death: October 5, 1947Derby
Marriage MarriageJune 20, 1887Bitton, Gloucestershire
3 years
Birth: June 26, 1890 29 29 Derby
Death: October 18, 1966Long Eaton, Derbyshire
-2 years
elder brother
Birth: April 27, 1888 26 27 Derby
Death: November 17, 1985Voghera, Pavia, Italy
4 years
younger brother
Birth: February 9, 1892 30 31 Derby
Death: September 16, 1976Derby
7 years
younger sister
Birth: November 26, 1898 37 37 Derby
Death: December 30, 1990St Albans, Herts
Family with Harry LOMAS
Birth: June 13, 1888Derby
Death: October 30, 1973Derby
Birth: June 26, 1890 29 29 Derby
Death: October 18, 1966Long Eaton, Derbyshire
Marriage MarriageJune 17, 1914Derby
20 months
Birth: February 16, 1916 27 25 Derby
Death: September 10, 2002Breaston, Derbyshire
4 years
Birth: March 10, 1920 31 29 Derby
Death: February 18, 2002Derby
Shared note

Bessie Edmondson was born 26 June 1890 in Derby at 10 Rosehill St, Derby, parents George Edmondson and Maria Dudden.
She was baptised 17 Aug 1890 at St Thomas, Derby.
The family moved to 41 Middleton St in 1904.
After leaving school, she was employed at the Royal Crown Derby Porcelain company, hand-painting pottery. Her graduation work was a Royal Crown Derby plate, which I still have, a picture of which has been included in the gallery.
She became quite involved in Church work at St Thomas', Derby, including Sunday School teaching. It was there that she met my grandfather, Harry Lomas , who was a tenor in the choir. They married 17 June 1914 at St Thomas' Parish Church, and then lived most of her life at 82 Pear Tree St, Derby, where I and my brother Ken, were both born .
Writing in 1981, my father Walter Lomas wrote of his mother: "A gentle, 'saintly' person who spent a lifetime at the beck and call of and caring for others. Even at Middleton St. (which she may have considered to have been as happy a period as any), she was expected to be the general help. After marriage she had to move in with a rather domineering mother-in-law who made life unpleasant, especially after the birth of her first child Bep. She had a nervous breakdown whilst carrying me. Even after the death in 1922 of her mother-in-law, things were never easy as money was in very short supply, and she still had to go regularly to help out at Middleton St. She did everything possible and more for her own family and I feel that it is a matter of great regret that she never had the chance to taste the more material pleasures of life (even though she herself may never have considered such things important). She certainly got a lot of pleasure in having Alan (Bep's husband) and my wife Muriel as part of the family and even more so when the 3 grandchildren came along. In later life she suffered from diabetes and died 18 October 1966 at 65 Milldale Road, Long Eaton. I am glad that on the day after her death, I went to look at her in Long Eaton mortuary, and her face had a serene peacefulness that I had not seen for many a year. Although it is now 15 years later, this memory, thankfully, never fades".
Writing now in 2016, some 50 years after her death, I remember her well, she was a fundamental part of my teenage years. When she contracted diabetes, my grandparents had to leave Pear Tree St in 1961, and lived partly with us and partly with Bep and Alan, so she lived through the 60s revolution with us. I can remember her saying in 1963 that she had been born too soon!
She died at 65 Milldale Rd, Long Eaton, 18 October 1966, her funeral was held at St Thomas's Church, Derby, Friday 21 October 1966, prior to cremation at Markeaton Crematorium, Derby.