LOMAS: the roots

Our branch of the Lomas family was first identified in Great Brington, Northants, around 1670, when it worked on the lands of the Spencer family in Althorp. Subsequently it moved to Staverton, Northants in 1724, then to Grandborough, Warwickshire in 1823.

With the development of the railways, my great-grandfather John Lomas moved to Derby in 1876.

The family name was Lummas until the marriage of John Lummas in 1823, when it became Lomas. Previously, it had been variously Lummas, Lumas, Lomas, Lommas, Lomes and Lummos!

This page traces 11 generations starting from the late 1600s in Brington (Northants) to John Lomas, born in the late 1940s in Derby.

Some sensitive data in generations 10 and 11 is only available to registered users of the website, such as exact dates of births, marriages and deaths within recent history. This to protect the privacy of the individuals involved. To register and gain access, please follow the instructions, if you have any problems send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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The table below shows approximately where this part of the Lomas family have lived over the years. Most of the links are clickable, and link to the Webtrees representation of the Lomas family.

Period Where Who
After 1971 Ivrea (Northern Italy) John Lomas
After 1962 Long Eaton (Derbyshire) Harry Lomas b1888; Walter Lomas b1920; John Lomas
1877-1962 Derby John Lomas b1854; Harry Lomas b1888; Walter Lomas b1920; John Lomas
1823-1877 Woolscott - Grandborough (Warwicks) John Lummas b1799; Richard Lomas b1823; John Lomas b1854
1723-1823 Hellidon - Staverton (Northants) John Lummas b1702; Thomas Lomas b1724; Thomas Lummas b1768; John Lummas b1799
1676-1723 Brington (Northants) John Lummas b1674; John Lummas b1702
Before 1676 unknown Thomas Lomas b1650